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We are very proud to bring you a very varied program, with lectures that cover a wide range of the equine medicine spectrum. All of our lectures will be given by very capable speakers. All of them are either a specialist or resident in the field of equine medicine they will be lecturing about. Underneath you will find a speakers list:


Prof. Peter Daels, DMV, PhD, ACT, ECAR

Prof. Gunther van Loon, DMV, PhD, ECEIM, ECVDI

Prof. Ann Martens, DMV, PhD, EBVS, ECVS

Prof. Frederik Pille, DMV, PhD, ECVS

Prof. Lieven Vlaminck, DMV, PhD, ECVS, EDVC

Ellen Paulussen, DMV, PhD, ECEIM

Maarten Oosterlinck, DMV, PhD, ECVS, ECVSMR

Alexander Dufourni, DMV, ECEIM resident

Pieter Wiemer, Certified Surgeon


At the EVSC every student will be able to attend one workshop in addition to the case discussion. The workshops will be given by professors and veterinarians from the University of Ghent. They are best suited for students in the last year of their studies, because they require a certain level of knowledge. If there are still spaces left, students from younger years can also attend.

We offer 3 different workshops to choose from:


Age determination, dental floating & most common pathologies


Cycle determination & uterine biopsies in the mare.


Regional anesthesia & joint injections